Message from the Department Chair

First of all—congratulations to you and your family for enrolling at San Francisco State University. As a possible or current major or minor in Latina/Latino Studies we encourage you to explore our classes and to engage with our faculty in constructive dialogue regarding the many issues facing our communities. All of our full time professors are also available for advising in our major or minor.

Our faculty is multidiscipline, from Political Science and History to Sociology and the Arts and Media, allowing our department a multifaceted approach to pedagogy and in engaging our communities. Our program also attracts students in other majors, such as BECA, Broadcasting and Communications Arts, Criminal Justice, Sociology and Comparative Literature among others.

Our department has a strong commitment to Social Justice and Community Service Learning. Our facultyare active in partnering with community organizations, community health clinics, community-based newspapers, study abroad trips, music concerts and literary festivals and other activities as well as with the private sector.

A degree in Latina/Latino studies is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to enter public service, whether probation officer or health worker, teacher or biologist—our major is also a solid foundation for future work and/or continuing education in various fields.

As the Latino population continues to grow and expand its presence in the public sphere—a Latina/Latino Studies major prepares students in critical thinking and writing, consciousness, and familiarity with all the major groups that are part of our demographics, from Central Americans to Mexicans and Chicanos and Caribbean, South American and Indigenous communities, their contributions, cultural heritage and history, both in the US and in the hemisphere.

Our major is not just a BA degree it is also a gateway that gives you a map to navigate the future based on a Latino-centric orientation and world-view.

We welcome you to our community of students, teachers, scholars, and alumni—with the best wishes for a memorable and exciting career in Latina/Latino Studies and at San Francisco State University.

Professor Alejandro Murguía

Department Chair, Latina/ Latino Studies