Welcome to Latina/Latino Studies


Welcome to Latina/Latino Studies at SF State. When you take classes in this department you’re enrolling in history by participating in a long and powerful legacy of students committed to education and social justice.

The Latina/Latino Studies Department (originally Raza Studies) was established in the Fall of 1969, as part of the College of Ethnic Studies, after the longest student strike in the history of the United States. From November 1968 through April 1969 the Black Student Union, the Third World Liberation Front, select staff and faculty, and members from the larger Bay Area community, organized and led a series of actions against systematic discrimination. The College of Ethnic Studies was created as a response to the demands of students as well as community members who called for the creation of academic programs that address the experiences and histories of under-served communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SF State’s Latina/Latino Studies department is the first department of its kind on any four-year college campus. Thank you for joining us. We welcome you, your intellectual curiosity, and your contributions toward social justice and equity!