Faculty & Staff Contact Information

= Ethnic Studies Psychology Building
HUM = Humanities Building
SCI = Science Building
CA = Creative Arts Building


LTNS = Latina/Latino Studies Department

AIS = American Indian Studies

RRS = Race and Resistance Studies

THA = Theater Arts Department

SMD = School of Music and Dance

HIST = History Department


General Education Advisor

Vanessa Rodriquez, Bibiana Arriola or Danielle Yip

To set up a dedicated advising session, please sign up using the Advising Inquiry Form located here:  http://ethnicstudies.sfsu.edu/sec

*  Faculty Advisor names are highlighted in pink. 
Please note: Advisors and faculty do not hold regular office hours during the Winter and Summer sessions. Advising appointments are not available during campus closures, the Fall Recess, Spring Recess, or during Finals week. In-person advising is not available during the Winter or Summer sessions.

Fall 2020 (Coming Soon!)

1.  Contact faculty directly via email and/or phone.
2.  Drop In Office Hours are listed as provided.  No advising during Summer or Winter.
3.  When classes are in session, please check the class schedule for the teaching times and try to meet with them at the classroom before or after the scheduled class.


View our Fall 2020 Faculty Directory. (PDF) (Coming Soon!)