Mission Statement

The Latina/Latino Studies Department is grounded in an anti-colonial perspective that takes into account the annexation of what is today considered the Southwest, the racialization of Latinas/os, and the ongoing imperial expansionism that has resulted in Latin American and Caribbean migration to the United States.

The Department recognizes the historical resistance of Latinas/os and affirms ongoing struggles of self-determination that account for gender, sexuality, race, class, and the actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status of our students, their family members, and other members of our Latina/o community.

The mission of the Department of Latina/Latino Studies is to prepare students with the comprehensive knowledge base and critical thinking skills that enable scholarly inquiry and analysis that is committed to justice and liberation.

We strive to provide our students with a transformative education that addresses the historical and contemporary experiences of Latinas/os by critically engaging political economy, public health, education, history, communication, literature, and sociology, among other fields. We achieve our mission through a curriculum that is both multifaceted and committed to community service.