Minor in Latina/Latino Studies

About the Minor

The Latina/Latino Studies Minor is an excellent opportunity to augment your education with an understanding of the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S. Students majoring in Marketing, Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Anthropology, Latin American Area Studies, and other majors enhance their career prospects with a Latina/Latino Studies minor.

The Latina/Latino Studies minor has gained in value and utility with the rapid demographic growth of the Latina/Latino population in the US. Latina/Latino Studies graduates are well-prepared to pursue careers in a variety of professions and disciplines across the society and in our communities. Our alumni are in public service, public office, are community organization directors, health and human service providers and activists, journalists, creative artists and writers, educators and business persons. Many of our alumni pursue graduate and professional schools to become lawyers, doctors, social workers, architects, scientists and professors.

The 24-unit Latina/Latino Studies minor program detailed below requires 9 units of core courses, 9 units of distributed courses, and 6 units of electives. Latina/Latino Studies majors and minors acquire a substantive body of knowledge about Latina/Latino peoples, histories, cultures and contemporary social issues. They gain the necessary skills to read, communicate, and think critically and creatively in diverse multicultural situations. They are able to systematically collect, construct and deconstruct, analyze and interpret information and data using multiple methods and models, multiple perspectives and paradigms.

Core Courses (all courses are three units unless otherwise noted)

Every minor must take three core courses. The first two are:

  • LTNS 215 Introduction to Latina/Latino Studies *
  • LTNS 680 Latina/Latino Community Organizing

The third course may be one of the following two courses:

  • LTNS 410 Seminar on Gender and Latinas/Latinos
  • LTNS 435 Oral History Methods: Theories and Practice

Distributed Courses  (choose one three-unit course in each area)

  • One LTNS course chosen from the Arts and Humanities list
  • One LTNS course chosen from the History list
  • One LTNS course chosen from the Behavioral and Social Sciences list.

Elective Courses

(Choose two three-unit elective courses on advisement)

* LTNS 215 should be completed before enrollment in upper division core courses.

Minor Advising

All Latina/Latino Studies minors must have an advisor. The minor advisor is the student's primary connection to the Department, the major and the field. They are responsible for helping students plan their academic careers. They are prepared to help students sort through course options and choose distributed and elective courses. The choices of courses and their sequencing are important for efficient progress through the minor and to insure timely graduation.

Students have the option of choosing their advisor and should choose based on shared interests and focus. Students should inform the Department of their choice of advisor or if they do not have a preference, they will be assigned by the Department Chair according to areas of expressed academic interests and with attention toward equalizing advising roles among the faculty. For maximum benefit you should keep the same advisor throughout your progress at SFSU. Latina/Latino Studies advisors will advise only about the Latina/Latino Studies minor degree programs. We encourage students to consult with advisors in the Advising Center (Old Adm 200) for questions regarding GE and other general graduation requirements.  

Please visit the faculty directory for information about each advisor and their posted office hours for the semester. The advisors are as follows:

  • Katynka Martinez, Chair
  • Teresa Carrillo
  • Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade
  • Melissa Guzman-Garcia
  • Alejandro Murguia
  • Belinda Reyes

Department Forms

Please download, add your information, and rename the forms before saving.

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If you experience any problems with the department forms, please contact the Latina/Latino Studies Department Staff at (415) 338-6160.